A Guide For Washing Your Bedding

A Guide For Washing Your Bedding

Having a clean bed is essential for your health. It also prevents problems such as acne and allergies. Different bedding items need different cleaning frequencies. Here is a general idea of how often each bed item should be cleaned and maintained.


You should change your pillow sheets once a week. This helps prevent acne from dirt, shed skin and other irritants.


Every 6 months you should air out your pillows in fresh air in direct sunlight if possible. The natural UV light will destroy bacteria and other pests. The good air will refresh you pillows and give them a refreshing smell.

Duvet and Mattress Sheets

These should be washed every two weeks. While we sleep and during hot weather we sweat and these items absorb body oil.

Mattress Pad

The mattress pad should be washed once a month. This is one of the most important bedding items since it provides a breathable protective barrier for the mattress. It prevents dust, dirt, dander and most moisture from getting directly into the mattress.


You mattress requires professional cleaning once a year. Expert mattress cleaning cleans and extracts dirt from the mattress material. This ensures a good night’s sleep.

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