Allergy Management For Your Mattress           

Allergy Management For Your Mattress           

With allergy season upon us it’s essential that you manage your allergy symptoms. Taking allergy pills or allergy shots is only a small part of allergy management. There are helpful methods to help get rid of allergens in your home.

It’s important that you keep windows closed during allergy season. The room where you sleep is especially important. If allergens such as pollen enter through the window they will settle on your bed. This will cause you allergy symptoms while you sleep. There is allergy treatment available for your mattress to help inactivate allergens.

Having an air filter will help catch and trap allergen before they land on anything. Many air filters come with a special setting to capture the allergens right away.

Before sleeping it’s important that you shower. Showering will remove most of the allergens that have landed on you while you were outside the house. This will prevent you from carrying the allergens back t bed with you.

If it’s possible you should change out of your street clothes as soon as you get home. Place your clothes right in the laundry basket. Keep the laundry basket away from the main areas of the house.

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