Mattress Cleaning Etobicoke

Mattress Cleaning Etobicoke

Are you in need of mattress cleaning services in Etobicoke ? Our comprehensive mattress cleaning will ensure that you get a good night sleep on a clean mattress. We offer our cleaning services for mattresses in houses as well as in condominiums and apartment buildings. Due to very thick mattresses that are being produced, cleaning should be only performed with professional cleaning equipment. We spend one-third of our life sleeping on a mattress which is why you shouldn’t entrust your mattress cleaning to just anybody.

Our equipment delivers a deep mattress cleaning and delivers the maximum vacuum suction to ensure all water gets extracted from the material. We use truck mounted mattress cleaning equipment for cleaning houses and portable machines with the most powerful vacuum suction available on the market. Our powerful portable machine is equipped with 2 wet vacuums each running on a separate cord. This gives your mattress a powerful deep clean.