Mattress Warranty Cleaning

Mattress Warranty

We have heard from our customers all about warranty issues. Many manufacturers will void the warranty if the mattress has even one small stain on it. Others will ask you to get your mattress professionally cleaned before they will accept it. We highly recommend researching known issues with mattress warranties and warranty conditions vary depending on the manufacturer. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

Why some mattress manufacturers forbid mattress cleaning with any sort of liquid

Many manufacturers use the excuse of small stain to void the warranty. We know that is hard to keep your mattress clean even with a good mattress cover for 10 years. Accidents and other spills happen to all mattresses. Manufacturers are able to void many mattress warranties and save themselves money.

Cleaning Guarantee For Warranty Exchange

If you are required to get your mattress professionally cleaned for warranty exchange, we can provide you with an additional guarantee. If the manufacturer or store does not accept your mattress after our cleaning for an exchange because of stain, we will give you a full refund for the mattress cleaning. Additionally, we require you to provide proof that mattress was rejected due to stains or they discovered during an inspection of the mattress. We understand that it might sound unreasonable to void the warranty if the mattress has a stain even after it has been professionally cleaned.

Manufacturer recommended maintenance tips

Keep your mattress stain free with a water resistant mattress cover.

Rotate your mattress every 3 months.

Vacuum your mattress every 3 months.