5 Signs Your Mattress Needs Cleaning

5 Signs Your Mattress Needs Cleaning

We use our mattresses for hours every day for sleeping and other activities. Over the course of time our mattresses become dirty with dirt, dust, hair, body dander and more. For this reason, your mattress should be cleaned once a year with a professional mattress cleaning service. Here are simple ways to determine if your mattress needs cleaning.


Obvious stains on your mattress are a good indicator that your bed needs cleaning. Stains can come from a variety of sources and some aren’t as visible. Carefully inspect the mattress material.


One sign your mattress needs cleaning is that you come up with allergy symptoms. Sneezing, coughing and throat irritation are all indications that there are possible allergens in your mattress material.


Mattress smells are subtle and usually appear only after a long period of time. This can be from body products, sweat and even laundry detergent.


Dust takes awhile to settle into your mattress. Signs that too much has accumulated show up when you pat the mattress material and the dust flies up.


Scan the top layer of your mattress and compare the coloration on different sections. Discolouration indicates dirt accumulation. Often the side slept on the most develop shading the fastest.

No matter what state your mattress is in, it still needs expert mattress cleaning services. Vivid Cleaning provides mattress cleaning in Toronto, Markham, Richmondhill, Vaughan and the entire GTA. We clean mattresses with eco-friendly cleaning products and expert equipment. Make your life easier today!


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