Custom Mattresses - Unique Shapes

Custom Mattresses - Unique Shapes

Having a unique mattress shape for your bed can be an interesting experience. There are practical uses from custom mattresses and others are more for fun. The latter you don’t see every day and is more restricted to themed settings or a playroom. Here is a brief overview for unique mattress shapes.

The main reason people get unique mattress shapes is because of height. Tall or short it’s better to get a mattress that is customized for you. It can make for a better night’s sleep and address your unique needs. Many people get small custom mattresses for baby cribs and young children’s beds.

Circular or round mattresses are found mostly for single person canopy beds. The canopy curtains hang around the circular mattress and create a nice visual effect. It’s more pleasing than with a regular rectangular mattress bed.

There are more irregular shape mattress styles. Most are in placed at themed resorts, playrooms and children’s camps. It adds fun to the environment and helps fit right into the environment of things. The only thing these mattresses need are enough space for someone to sleep on. Irregular mattresses also help fit in small apartments and tight corners.

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