Mattress Storage- A Guide To Mattress Covers

Mattress Storage- A Guide To Mattress Covers

Many people end up with a mattress they need to store. You may need to store a mattress because of renovations or keeping it on reserve in case of guests. This happens when friends and family visit on special occasions. Mattresses need to be stored properly to avoid dust build-up and other pests. Here is a guide for proper mattress storage


If you have a new mattress you’re not using you can store it in the plastic it comes in from the store. There are also plastic mattress covers found online. However, plastic can degrade overtime and the particles can end up in your mattress. This is not a long-term storage solution.

Fabric -Cover

Fabric mattress covers are ideal. Quality covers are made with breathable material to keep dust out yet maintain the mattress material. Many of these can be washed to get free of dust until they are needed for mattress storage later. These are more ideal for long-term storage.

Fabric -Cloth

Sometimes we may not have a mattress cover at hand. A long sheet can provide a temporary barrier against dust and dirt. However, with cloth covers, there are still sections of the mattress that don’t receive adequate coverage. This doesn’t provide enough protection for long-term storage. It’s good as a temporary measure though.

When you take a mattress out of storage or receive a new mattress you should get it professionally cleaned. Vivid Cleaning provides professional mattress cleaning services in Toronto, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markham, Etobicoke, and the GTA. We clean mattresses using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Make your life easier today!

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