5 Mould Prevention Techniques For Your Mattress

5 Mould Prevention Techniques For Your Mattress

Many mattresses will get mould this year. Your mattress doesn’t have to. Black mould is especially bad for your health and can cause allergies and asthma symptoms. There are simple preventative methods to keep your mattress from acquiring mould.

No Food

It seems a given but many of us have a habit of eating in bed. Young kids and even pets can bring their food to bed and can make a mess. Drinks and especially milk can be spilled along the side of the bed. If there is poor ventilation. Mould can grow easily on the underside of the mattress.

Bed Frames

It’s a bad idea to place your mattress directly on the floor. This causes poor air circulation for the mattress fabric especially if the mattress is placed in a corner. This poor placement can cause great conditions for mould to grow. Having a proper bed frame allows the mattress material to breathe and protects it against mould.

Protective Mattress Pad

Having a mattress pad can create a significant barrier against sweat, water, and other food messes. This prevents most dirt and debris from penetrating deep within the mattress material. Mould spores can’t enter the material and start growing.

Clean Bedding

Having clean bed sheets is essential for your health. Weekly or bi-weekly washing of the bedding will prevent pests and mould from getting into your mattress. The bedding also guards a bit against mould. It’s the first line of protection.

Annual Mattress Cleaning

Getting your mattress cleaned every year with professional cleaning will give your mattress the deep cleaning it deserves. Professional mattress cleaning uses enzyme treatment to break down organic compounds and attacks stains.  Deep cleaning will renew the material and prevent wear.

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