5 Reasons It's Important Not to Eat In Bed

5 Reasons It's Important Not to Eat In Bed

We’ve all eaten food in bed at some point. Most of us have learned the repercussions hard way when we accidentally spill food on the mattress. There are vital reason why you really shouldn’t eat food in bed.


This is a primary factor as well as a health hazard. Mould grows when there is moisture, a food source and lack of ventilation. As it grows it can create asthma symptoms for you and other irritations. The best way to prevent it is not to eat or have food near your bed.


Bacteria can result from food particles. The only hint that your mattress has bacteria is a sour smell. This can happen gradually or fast depending on how often you eat food. Bacteria is unpleasant and can affect your quality of sleep.

Weight Gain

When we eat in bed we’re usually doing a small activity like reading or watching tv. We won’t get up to eat very often and will likely go to sleep right after. The inactivity along with eating can cause you to gain weight.


Food attracts all types of bugs. If you have a large source for it in bed they will most likely be there. In addition, you can attract spiders. Spiders don’t show up randomly. They will be in a place with their food source which is bugs. If you eat in bed it, you will have more spiders and cobwebs in your room.


Spilling food in bed can cause you to get acne on your face and the rest of your body. This can be from bacteria or dirt in general. You spend 8 hours or more on your mattress each day and if it’s dirty it can contribute to acquiring unwanted acne.

Not eating in bed is one thing you can do to extend your the life of your mattress. Keeping good cleanliness like getting your mattress professionally cleaned each year will also help this. Vivid Cleaning offers premium mattress cleaning for Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA. Sleep better by getting your mattress cleaned today.

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