Too Hip to Be Square -Round Mattress Design

Too Hip to Be Square -Round Mattress Design

We’re all aware of the common rectangle shape most mattresses have. However, round or circular mattress have become a trend. There are also other irregular shape mattress options that can be customized for each space. Here interesting irregular mattress shapes.

Circular mattress are the next common mattress shape after the regular rectangle type. These are commonly for one person and need to be tall enough to accommodate a person’s height. Canopy beds commonly have a round mattress underneath. This makes the set up more appealing in its design compared to using a regular mattress set up.

Irregular shaped mattresses are usually shaped to fit a limited space. Smaller apartment spaces have promoted this trend because sometimes the bed space is limited or there is a strange fit. These mattresses are usually seen in themed settings and children’s camps.

You can also customize a mattress to accommodate sleeping styles. This can be adding indents for the head resting area. It can also be to help spinal disorders and back pain. A person can sleep more easily with a custom shaped mattress since it can accommodate unique needs.

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