Mattress Cleaning- Can all Stains be managed?

Mattress Cleaning- Can all Stains be managed?

Mattress Cleaning- Can all Stains be managed?

The main reason people decide to get mattress cleaning is because of stains. Stains don’t look good and can be unsightly. They don’t give good impressions to other people (especially your girlfriend.) The good news is that most mattress stains can be managed but it really depends on the nature of the stain and how old it is.

Newer Is Better

It’s a good idea to get stains addressed right away. This can be right after your child spilled juice or the cat vomited. New stains come out more easily because they are fresh and dyes have not permanently set.

Slow Accumulation

One problem with stains is that particular mattress stains accumulate overtime. This is often with you not noticing. Sweat stains are in this category. The oils from your body slowly build up overtime in your mattress. This makes it a good idea to have annual mattress cleaning.

All In The Dye

Certain foods may have food colouring or natural dye material. This includes items like curry, sports drinks, wine and much more. These types of stains are more likely to become a permanent feature of your mattress.


The good news about natural stains is that they can be treated with enzymes. This treatment essentially breaks downs the stain and can increase the odd of it coming out of the mattress.

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