Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Eat In Bed

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Eat In Bed

A mattress is an pricey investment that should last you for several years. A proper mattress is part of getting a good night’s sleep. If you have kids you really shouldn’t let them eat in bed for several reasons. You yourself shouldn’t either. Not only can it ruin your mattress it can also cause permanent stains. Here are reasons not to eat in bed.


Most food stains come from beverages. Even with proper bedding the water can still get to the mattress and penetrate the material. Beverages can also contain food colouring dyes. For example decaffeinated coffee has brown food colouring added to it. This will cause permanent mattress stains.


Food can attract mould. In areas where there is poor air circulation or damp conditions mould can grow. The problem is that when a mattress gets mould it needs to be replaced. Even if the mattress is professionally cleaned the mould can still grow again. Mould also poses a hug health risk.


Food can attract all sorts of pests. This includes ants, silverfish and other varieties. It can cause an infestation that could have been avoided. Many pests can also bite you in your sleep and cause a lot of discomfort.

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