How To Prevent Major Mattress Stains - The Magic of Mattress Pads

How To Prevent Major Mattress Stains - The Magic of Mattress Pads

Many people don’t know that the best line of defense against mattress stains is a quality mattress pad. Regular sheet only provide a barrier against some dirt and debris. They do nothing for most liquid stains and are more for esthetic purposes.

Mattress pads provide the best protection against all types of stains and dirt. Essentially, a good mattress pad will also remain breathable. Ie. It won’t be like sleeping on a plastic sheet that will make you sweat. The material will breathe while simultaneously being semi-waterproof.

Mattress pads also protect against solid debris. This includes dirt, allergens, hair, pet fur and clothing fibers. Fine body hair and pet fur in particular can penetrate deep within a mattress and remain there.

To maintain the quality of your mattress you should have it cleaned annually. Eco-friendly mattress cleaning provides a deep clean. It lifts and removes dirt from your mattress and extracts the debris with a powerful vacuum.

However, stain removal success depends on the nature of the a mattress stain. Foods containing dye can’t be removed with eco-friendly solutions. Regular organic stains can be managed with most enzyme treatment. Also the fresher the stain the more likely it will come out of the mattress.

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