Valentine's Day Cleaning Check List For Your Home

Valentine's Day Cleaning Check List For Your Home

Valentine’s day is coming up and you may want to get on top of home cleaning for this event. This can mean catching up on the bigger jobs that need professional cleaning. It also means you can get your annual cleaning jobs done in one go. Here are items in your home you shouldn’t miss.

Mattress Cleaning

We use our mattresses for hours every night. On Valentine’s day we may use it more while spending time with our significant other. Professional mattress cleaning will get your mattress smelling and feeling fresh. Better yet get the eco-friendly mattress cleaning you need for a good night’s sleep.

Couch Cleaning

Getting your loveseat professionally cleaned has multiple benefits. We spend hours doing different activities in the living room. During this process our loveseats, couches, armchairs and sectional couches get stains and obtain layers of dirt. The only way to get this dirt out of your couch is with professional cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Annual carpet cleaning is important. It can remove any sticky residue lingering in your carpet and remove stains. Overall it gives your carpet a deep cleaning and extracts all the dirt that has accumulated at the base of the carpet.


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