Does Your Mattress Have a bacteria Infestation?

Does Your Mattress Have a bacteria Infestation?

We spend 8 hours or more on our mattresses so it’s important that they stay clean. If you skip annual mattress cleaning and have some bad habits, bacteria will join in bed. Here are some habits that are important to break as well as mattress cleaning tips.

Don’t Eat In Bed

Bacteria feed on food particles. If you eat in bed you’re really inviting them to stay and grow. As they eat the food particles they can produce smells in your mattress. This will ultimately produce a sour smell for your mattress which can affect your sleep.

Go To Bed Clean

Only use your mattress after a bath or shower. Never wear street clothes or any clothing you’ve worn outside, while you’re using your mattress.

Weekly Bed Sheet Cleaning

You should clean your bedding every 1-2 weeks. This can prevent sweat, allergy spores, dirt and other particles from getting into your mattress material. Mattress covers provide a great barrier against dirt and should be cleaned at least once a month.

Mattress Steam Cleaning

You should have your mattress steam cleaned once a year. Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water and cleaning solutions. This will give your mattress a deep cleaning and sanitize against bacteria. The process also deodorizes mattress material.

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