Why your pet shouldn't eat in bed

Why your pet shouldn't eat in bed

Pets are nice but they come with extra maintenance for your bed. Pets and especially young puppies will end up bringing all sorts of things to your bed. This can include food. There are several important reasons you shouldn’t allow your pet to eat in bed.


Where there is a food source there is the presence of bacteria. Although bacteria are hard to see their presence is still indicated by a sour smell. The more the population grows the more the smell stands out


Mould is attracted to food and wet conditions. Liquid spills that can’t dry are a primary source for attracting mold to your bed. Mould can’t be treated with regular mattress cleaning methods. Often the mattress has to be thrown out.


You can acquire stains from food and if your pet has an accident on your bed. You may end up with permanent stains on the mattress that can’t be removed. Or the stain removal may require harsh chemicals that aren’t exactly good for you or your pet.


Bugs are attracted to food. You will likely find them eating the crumbs in your bed. They can be attracted there due to the smell of food as well.

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