It's a Proven Fact that Your Mattress Gets Heavier With Age

It's a Proven Fact that Your Mattress Gets Heavier With Age

If you have an older mattress you may have noticed that it seems to be much heavier than a new mattress. It’s not just you. Your mattress acquires extra weight over time as you use it for hours every night. This makes it even more important that you have your mattress cleaned once a year with professional cleaning.

Debris that gets trapped within your mattress includes dust mites, dust, hair, skin cells, dandruff, mold and more. These items get added to your mattress and if you have a pet more mattress weight is added from pet fur and pet dander.

A ten-year-old mattress can weigh double what it weighed when the material was new. This is all from trapped debris it accumulates over time.

Professional mattress cleaning not only cleans but it also helps remove some debris that has gotten into the material. In the first step of mattress cleaning the material is sprayed with pressurized hot water and cleaning solution. This lifts out debris trapped in the material. In the next step dirt, water and debris are extracted from the mattress with a powerful vacuum. This allows it to dry efficiently.

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