Why Your NEW Mattress Still Needs Cleaning

Why Your NEW Mattress Still Needs Cleaning

A new mattress is a big investment to optimize your sleep. However, most people aren’t aware that new mattresses need professional cleaning. Your mattress has been in contact with all sort of dirt, debris, and chemicals. Here are simple reasons why you should clean your new mattress.


Even if your mattress comes in a plastic cover it likely came in contact with dirt on several occasions. During its manufacturing dirt and debris becomes airborne and settles on the top layer of the mattress material.


Your mattress has been chemically treated for several things. Some chemicals are just a result of the manufacturing process. Others are used to preserve the material during storage. Mattress cleaning will also help get rid of the new mattress smell.


Aside from dirt and debris your mattress may contain allergens such as dust mites, mold and even pollen. To avoid getting allergy symptoms get your mattress cleaning with a professional cleaning service.


Mattress cleaning essentially refreshes your mattress. This way you aren’t breathing in harmful chemicals while you sleep. It also prevents dirt and chemicals from getting into your mattress cover and bed sheets.

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